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Why choose ReddeNet?

No Lock-in Contracts

Unlike other internet providers, we do not require you to commit to a lengthy contract. Should you choose, you can cancel our service at any time, with no penalties.

No Land-line Required

Don't want a land line? No problem! With our service, you don't need one. So you don't pay more for something you don't want.

No Bill Shock

Even if you unexpectedly run over your current data plan, we simply push you up to the next appropriate plan. With each $10 step, the data limit doubles.

Fast Internet Speeds

Frustrated by internet delivered at a snail's pace? Our service is super fast. You won't believe the difference.

One Straightforward Plan

Our plans are straight forward, simple, understandable, and they are all on the one page. You see everything. Nothing is hidden.

Friendly Local Service

No call centres. No confusing web-sites or technical jargon. You deal direct with the locals who run the business.

- we're passionate about broadband -
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